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~ Sunday, May 5 ~

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The movie ‘Coraline’ was beautiful & the Q&A with Neil was cute, funny and down to earth! loved when Neil said a lot of girls that were kids, now in their 20’s come up to him with horrible stories of what they went thru & thanked Neil for the book/movie gave them courage! it was touching! Neil is always a gentleman, sweet natured & down to earth! I asked Neil where Amanda was, he said in Boston. I already knew that, I just wanted to hear him say it! Lol. Oh oh oh and I ran into the guy that ran the whole Q&A in the parking lot and I asked him where Neil went after the show & he said next door for a whiskey!!! Lol!! And get this the guy said that he was going to have drinks with Neil, a bunch of other “famous” writers and Johnny Depp later that night! He told me where, but that would’ve been too weird. ;) fun! Karen & I had fun walking Hollywood Blvd even tho I use to live in Hollywood. It was so good to see Karen, I haven’t seen her since Tori’s ADP tour in 2007. I have to thank Tori for bringing so many special people into my life! I have travelled with these lovely friends from show to show in the past and memories were made that ill have forever!! Thank You Tori!! xo ❤📚🎥🎼🎹

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