Vintage Bird Lost At Sea

Sweet Sailor living in her sonic sea. Adorkable, vocal fury in tow. Storm in a Teacup, Wordsmith by trade. It's all about the Harpsichord & Piano ♫♪ Songbird. Photographer. Animal Activist. Contributor. Mind Reader. Seeker ♥ I fancy vintage, shabby chic, bohemian, braids, nautical, rain, torrential downpours are the best, Gardens, travel, UK, adores architecture & dream homes, betta fish, the moon and stars, coffee, tea, a persnickety eater, writing poetry, thinking dark thoughts, finding my happy place in my constant escapism, concerts, tori amos, fiona apple, regina spektor, nick cave & the bad seeds, Inxs, morrissey, marina & the diamonds, PJ harvey, kate bush, kate nash, adele, 70's, 80's, 90's MUSIC. LOST, Harry Potter, LOTR. Nostalgia. Forever sullen throwing pennies into the wishing well. A night owl riding on her sea horse trying to find the meaning of life.
~ Sunday, September 23 ~
Tags: Nick Cave Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds art music posters wolves birds
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    at what point do you stop saying “okay, this is pretty typical Nick Cave” and question what the hell is going on with...
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